Admin Staff

Manager/Student Adviser – Rick Mattioni (

Rick comes to Roanoke College with over 42 years of experience in broadcasting. Rick has been a program director/digital content manager, a news and public affairs director, a news producer, a program host, a news anchor, and a reporter for both commercial and non-commercial stations. At WRKE, Rick oversees the operation of WRKE and coordinates with students and college staff to conduct broadcasting operations as a public service from Roanoke College and adheres to the station’s mission as a resource for students, the college community and city of license (Salem). Rick serves as an adjunct faculty member at Roanoke and works closely with student leaders at WRKE to shape the station’s image and sound.



Program Director- Elijah Wilhelm (

A Roanoke native, Elijah has grown up in the area and with a passion for the Roanoke Valley. Elijah is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in American Politics with hopes to be a political analyst for news. Outside of WRKE, Elijah is the public address announcer for Roanoke’s athletic events, and served over the summer as the interim PA announcer for the Salem Red Sox. Elijah has worked for the station since October 2015 serving as both a DJ and as News & Information Director. With an interest in news & politics, Elijah has covered events such as political speakers on campus and the 2016 election. He also began a new series called News Now Special Reports featuring one on one interviews with people such as George Takei (Star Trek) and Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking) about hot button topics. You can hear Elijah on his variety news show, Front Burner, Fridays at 4pm, only on WRKE!


Assistant Program Director – Jessica Shelburne (

Born and raised in southwest Virginia, Jessica has grown up in close proximity to Roanoke College. Jessica is a freshman, and although she is undecided, she plans to either major in Business Administration with hopes of becoming a marketing professor, or take the pre-med track and major in Biology to become an orthopedic surgeon. Aside from WRKE, Jessica is a member of the Roanoke College Dance Team and multiple on-campus clubs. She enjoys community involvement such as volunteering with political campaigns and visiting nursing homes where she sings and plays her guitar. 




Chief Engineer- David Mulford (

David is the behind the scenes technical guru of WRKE-LP.  He officially “christened” the station in 2003 when he applied to the FCC for WRKE’s on-air license, and spent many hours wiring and assembling WRKE’s technical infrastructure.  David has a 30-year background in Telecom, IT and AV, which has helped him to keep WRKE up to date with the latest in radio hardware and software as well as streaming.  David’s involvement in college radio started in 1986 when he was a DJ at Appalachian State University’s WASU-FM, and it was his love of college radio that inspired him to help start WRKE. David is currently the Media Technology Director at Roanoke, and has been helping students and faculty with all kinds of audio and video media since 1996. He also occasionally teaches Television Media Production courses at the college.


Music Director – Kaitlyn “Kait” Mason (

Kait comes to WRKE from Bumpass, Virginia, in Louisa County. She is a sophomore and a D3 athlete, playing on Roanoke College’s soccer team. Kait is majoring in health and exercise science, and minoring in Spanish. She plans to go to grad school after Roanoke and is considering a doctorate program for physical therapy. In the end, Kait hopes to travel to less fortunate towns in Spanish speaking countries and work as a therapist. Outside of school, Kait enjoys traveling, going hiking, trips to the beach, and spending time with friends and family. Kait is a fan of indie and alternative music and is excited to bring her style to the station.




News & Information Director – Natalie Whitney (

Natalie ventured from a small town off the coast of Maine, to the Roanoke Valley in search of the sun and a change of scenery. Natalie is a sophomore double majoring in Spanish and Public Health with the hopes of continuing onto graduate school for Occupational Therapy. Outside of WRKE, Natalie has an intense desire to see the world and has made it a priority during her time here at Roanoke College to take advantage of the study abroad program and utilize the Spanish language. Additionally, she is involved in one of the three acapella groups on campus called the RoaNotes, and is working to develop a social media audience for the group. Natalie’s involvement with WRKE began last year as a frequent co-host. She is excited to revamp the PSA program among other things in her new role!


Spring Sports Director – Julia Fazio (

Julia joins us from Wantagh on Long Island New York. She is a freshman who came to Roanoke to play on Roanoke College’s soccer team. She is a Defensive Central Midfielder. Julia was All County for Soccer back at home. Fazio wants to major in education and hopes to teach, coach soccer, and announce sports. When not in the classroom or on the field, Julia works at the Jones Beach Theatre and enjoys being with her friends.