WRKE Simulcast: Women’s Basketball

February 3rd, at 3:30pm

WRKE will be simulcasting the Maroon Network’s broadcast of Roanoke vs Eastern Mennonite. Hosted by Julia Fazio.








WRKE Live in the Cavern: Jeopardy!

February 6th, at 7pm live on the air or live in the Cavern!

Before you catch your Roanoke Baseball team on the field, fresh off a National Championship run, catch them on the stage in WRKE’s public broadcast, hosted by Program Director Elijah Wilhelm.

You can listen live on the air at 100.3 FM or online at but for the first time ever, you can come down to the cavern and see all of the action and the behind the scenes of radio, live!

The show begins at 7pm and doors open at 6:30. No tickets are required. If you are interested in volunteering to help work the show, contact Elijah Wilhelm at


WRKE Simulcast: Men’s Basketball

February 10th, at 2pm

WRKE will be simulcasting the Maroon Network’s broadcast of Roanoke vs Washington and Lee. Hosted by Julia Fazio.







Outlast. A Live Endurance & Social Battle

March 17th, all day long, beginning at 10am

In WRKE’s biggest event to date, we are combining CBS’s hit reality series Big Brother and Survivor to form Outlast: A live endurance and social battle.

During Outlast, 10 students will go into the WRKE studio with no access to food, the restroom, or the cellphones and will only have one bottle of water. will participate in both immunity and reward trivia challenges, and every two hours of the first ten hours of the contest, a participant will be voted out unless only two contestants remain.

The last player standing will win $300 cash.