“Alt 60” (Saturdays 4-5pm) is an alternative and electronic music show, hosted by Eddie Smith, Anderson Trice, and Tyler Muntz. Eddie Smith is a senior communications major, Anderson Trice is a junior business major, and Tyler Muntz is a senior psychology major with a minor in art history.

To request a song edmsmith@mail.roanoke.edu



“B-Side” (Saturdays 5:30-7pm) is a folk indie and alternative music show. The show is hosted by Cara Basham, Connor Steely, and AJ Waddell. Cara is a sophomore Communications Major, Connor is a sophomore Communications and Creative Writing double major. AJ is a sophomore Music and Spanish double major.”

To request a song, email cbasham@mail.roanoke.edu



“The Babahoagie Show” (Fridays 6:30-7:30) is a music show with pop/dance music. The show is hosted by Addi Lee & Hagan Schomberg. Addi is a freshman who plans on double majoring in music and criminal justice and Hagan is a freshman who plans on majoring in biology.

To request a song, email aglee@mail.roanoke.edu




“Bold and Brash” (Tuesdays 4-5) is a weekly news show about everything big in the gaming and entertainment industry. The show will also feature 80s and 70s music for those listening. The Bold and Brash is hosted by Dale Worrell Christian Galleo. Dale is a freshman who is undeclared on what major he may choose. And Christian is a freshman commuter who is undeclared as well.

To request a song, email deworrell@mail.roanoke.edu



“The Brain of Brittany” (Tuesdays at 5:30-6:30) During The Brain of Brittany, host Brittany Guillemette will be playing a variety of pop music from today’s top hits all the way to throwbacks. The show will discuss current new stories and feature opinions of multiple guests. Brittany is from New Hampshire and is planning on majoring in Communications and a minor in sociology.

If you want to hear your favorite song or join our talks you can email bnguillemette@mail.roanoke.edu


“Crescendo Vibe” (Sunday 11-12) is a hip-hop culture and music show focusing on the importance and enjoyment of hip-hop and pop culture. Donovan is a freshman looking at a major of economics and political science with some interest in linguistics. In his free time, Donovan enjoys dancing to hip-hop music & EDM

To request a song or be part of the show, email dohill@mail.roanoke.edu



“EDM and Dubstep” (Mondays & Wednesdays 11-Midnight) is hosted by junior David Murray who is a Spanish major. David Murray is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His music show will host electronic music such as EDM and dubstep from 12AM-1AM.

To request a song, email dwmurray@mail.roanoke.edu.




“Equally Terrifying” (Saturdays 10-11) is an anthology radio drama in the vein of Twilight Zone, but with a lamer host; Robby Mangum a freshman interested in creative writing. It also includes varieties of music to compliment the topics at hand.

To request a song, email rwmangum@mail.roanoke.edu




“Front Burner” (Fridays 4-5:30) is a variety news show with alternative music. The show is hosted by Program Director Elijah Wilhelm, Assistant Program Director Jessica Shelburne and Claudia Jacobs. Elijah is a junior communications major, Jessica is a freshman who plans on majoring in Business, and Claudia is a sophomore majoring in History.

To hear archived episodes, visit the Front Burner Archives



“Hip Hop Hour” (Fridays 12-1) is a music-only show with hip-hop and rap music. The show is hosted by Jordan Kehoe, who is a sophomore majoring in sports management with a double concentration in human resources and marketing.

To request a song email jlkehoe@mail.roanoke.edu




“Island Vibes” (Thursdays 9PM-10:30PM) is an entertainment show bringing you music from all over the globe. The show is hosted by DJ John Ovcina. John is a freshman who plans on majoring in political science.

To request a song or comment on the show, email John at jiovcina@mail.roanoke.edu




“Jupiter’s Lounge” (Sundays 5-6) is an hour to unwind with music meant to put you at ease. Come and relax with host Hannah Wennerstrom, a freshman who is moving towards a major in either history or international relations. Every week, tune in for some nice, quiet times.

To make a request or send in some lovely notes, email hewennerstrom@mail.roanoke.edu.



“Just Shuckin’ Around” with Kyle and Ryan (Wednesdays 2:30-3:30) is a sports talk show hosted by Evan Shuck, Kyle Heitmiller, and Ryan Godwin. Evan is a economics major who plays on the golf team. Kyle is a sports management major who plays club hockey and ruby and Ryan is a sports management major who coaches a local V19 soccer team.

To request a song, email emshuck@mail.roanoke.edu



“Late Night Cafecito” (Tuesdays 9-10PM) is a spanish talk show focusing on news with music from Latin America and the U.S. The show is hosted by Alondra Alba, who is a junior history major from Dallas, TX.

To request a song or join the conversation, email aalba@mail.roanoke.edu




“Left Wing Airways” (Tuesdays 8-9PM) is a political talk show with a variety of topics. The show is hosted by Walker Phillips, a freshman political science major at Roanoke College from Maryville, Tennessee. The show will feature a variety of music.

To request a song, email wwphillips@mail.roanoke.edu




“Lost Colony” (Tuesdays Noon-1) is hosted by Leilani Doneux, a political science major from northern California. She is the host of the Lost Colony on WRKE 100.3, which strives to tell individual stories from Salem and beyond Virginia including music, commentary, and interviews.

Contact her at lmdoneux@mail.roanoke.edu, or catch her on Instagram and twitter at @leilanidoneux



“Midnight Coffee” (Fridays 11-Midnight) an evening show playing the alternative and indie tune you’d hear as you sip your coffee at midnight. This show is hosted by Mary Rose Stark a freshman who intends on majoring in political science with a concentration in women’s and gender studies.

To request a song, email mrstark@mail.roanoke.edu




“Nerding Out” (Tuesdays 11 – Noon) is an entertainment show where two self proclaimed nerds discuss books, tv shows, and films with interspersed music. The show is hosted by Sarah Davis and Morgan Laisney. Sarah is a junior English and pre-vet major while Morgan is a sophomore majoring in history

To request a song, email sfdavis@mail.roanoke.edu




“Nirvana” (Wednesdays 4-5) is a solid hour dedicated to rock. This show is hosted by Payton Powell. Payton is a senior at Roanoke College majoring in sports management.

To request a song, email pcpowell@mail.roanoke.edu




Oj’s Inspiration” (Fridays 3-4) is an inspirational news show with a variety of genres of music to keep you motiviated and insipired as you go about your day. The show is hosted by OJ Wyatt, a freshman Elementary Education major.

To request a song or join the discussion, email omwyatt@mail.roanoke.edu




“Outspoken” (Mondays, 6-7:30pm) is a sports talk show hosted by Garrett Ruggieri, Reed Larson, and Staley Cavey. Garrett is a sophomore Communications major from Franklin County, VA, Reed is a sophomore history major from Amherst, New Hampshire and Staley is a junior sports management major from Richmond, VA.

To request a song or join the discussion, email ghruggieri@mail.roanoke.edu



“Pass the Aux” (Fridays 2-3) is a mix of music and conversations of today’s entertainment. The show is hosted by Rachel Dix and Peyton James. Rachel is a junior psychology major and Peyton is a junior business major with a screen studies concentration.

To request a song, email pdjames@mail.roanoke.edu




“The Pop Music Power Hour” (Saturdays 1-2) is a music + talk show that discussed pop culture event and trends as well as play chart topping hits from classics to today. Shamira James is a junior who’s majoring in communications and hope to be a journalist.

To request a song, email sdjames@mail.roanoke.edu




“Power Hour” (Sundays, 2-3) is a variety show hosted by two Roanoke Basketball players, Brandon Harrell and Caleb Jordan. The show focuses on sports commentary and features classic hip-hop music. Both Brandon and Caleb are sophomores and they both are planning to major in sports management.

To request a song or join the discussion, email bmharrell@mail.roanoke.edu or cjordan@mail.roanoke.edu


“Rap Underground” (Wednesdays 9:30-10:30PM) is a music show hosted by freshman, and WRKE Fall Sports Director Ben Geise. Ben will review music and talk about new music that has come out or that is anticipated.

To request a song, email  brgeise@mail.roanoke.edu




“The Right Angle” (Fridays 5:30-6:30) a talk show hosted by Tim C. Goeglein is a program that fosters civil discussion and robust debate regarding the current political and cultural climate, as well as commentary on sociopolitical and economic philosophy as a whole. Tim C. Goeglein is a senior studying business and communications from Alexandria, Virginia.

To join the conversation, email tcgoeglein@mail.roanoke.edu



“The Saturday Night Rock Block” (Saturday 9-10 pm) and Thursday Afternoon Rock Block (Thursday 3:30-5) are shows where DJ Brandon delves into his music library and creates a playlist. Brandon is 4 ½ year senior math major hailing from the 919 (Raleigh-Durham). Brandon’s playlists are frequently hard rock/alternative rock/heavy metal.

To give feedback or a show idea, email bjwilliam@mail.roanoke.edu


“Snack Time” (Thursdays 5-6) is a talk radio focusing on sports and hot topics. The show is hosted by Najee Fuller, a senior majoring in communications with a concentration in finance. On air, Snack Time plays an assortment of songs from an array of genres.

Follow us on twitter for song requests and shout outs. @wrkerc #MoreSnack




“The Sound” (Thursday’s 6-7pm) is a music radio show playing some of the best classic rock available. The show is hosted by John Zymeck. John is a freshman from Chappaqua, New York. He plans on majoring in the humanities.

To request a song, email jrzymeck@mail.roanoke.edu




“Tim’s Favorite Jazz” (Sundays 7-8PM) is a music show that focuses mainly on Jazz, a genre that covers thousands of unique styles and sounds. The show is hosted by Tim Sherman, a freshman who graduated from Salem High right down the road. Tim plans to major in music and plays trombone with the jazz ensemble as well as the euphonium in the wind ensemble

To request a song, email tjsherman@mail.roanoke.edu



“To Feel Alive” (Sundays 8-9PM) is your most memorable alternative music from the 90s and early 2000s. This show is hosted by Aurora Sumner, a freshman who plans on double majoring in psychology and biology.

To request a song, email apsumner@mail.roanoke.edu




“Vibers-R-Us “(Wednesday 5-6) is hosted by Mac Attack & Zoe-Ohian. Mac Attack has an interest in communications and international studies and Zoe-Ohian has a love for English and creative writing. Vibers-R-Us is a mash of alternatives, rock, and other music. It includes mainly music with minimal commentary. They are feel good vibe worthy tunes.

To request a song, contact gundupre@mail.roanoke.edu



 “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Tuesdays, 9-10) is a movie talk show hosted by Brice and Zach. Brice is a freshman studying Theater and Political Science. He likes listening to jazz and star lit walks on the beach. Zach is also a freshman studying Creative Writing. He enjoys puppies, kittens, and the occasional goat. Their show is based around movies and their soundtracks.

You can contact them at bhall@mail.roanoke.edu or ztdalton@mail.roanoke.edu



“Wake Up Call” (Mondays 8-9 am) is a variety show that will play country music. The show is hosted by Gabby Arnold. Gabby is a sophomore who is majoring in communications.

To request a song, email gearnold@mail.roanoke.edu




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