Our Shows


Soulfood – 9-10pm / 5-6pm

Someone once told me gospel was the only music a Christian could listen to because all of the other music was corrupt. Boy, were they wrong. SoulFood is a segment for your personal growth reaching out to you via music. We will be paying music to motivate you and uplift your spirit and kick start your week off with hopefully a little bit more hope then you had last week.

Video Killed the Radio Star – 3-4pm / Tuesday 9-10am

Video Killed Radio Star is an entertainment–music talk show that covers all pop culture topics. Join Athey, Brice,  Zach and very gracious cameos by Kaillee Philleo on Tuesdays (9-10)  and Sundays (3-4).Together, we will experience movies.


A weekly show to chat about music and art and history and music.

Broadway’s Greatest – 6-7pm

“Broadway’s Greatest” is a weekly music and talk show hosted by Sophomore Madalyn Chapman. During the show she plays some of Broadway’s best hits, and talks about anything and everything musical theater.


New Take – 5-6pm

Seth Foster, Dan Nahor, andRyan Denholm are freshman in the honors program. New take is a talk show where we debate history, politics, and everything in between.

The Fanny Pack – 6-7pm

The Fanny Pack is was created by Francis and Shakil to discuss life’s sketchiest topics. Expect every type of music known to man and hilarious background noises.

Hot Pocket – 7-8pm

Hot pocket with the hot topics.

Alternative Listen – 8-9pm

Aliya plays everything from classic rock to modern indie, tune in if you’re looking for a talk-free show!

Country Campfire – 11-12am

Country Campfire is a talk and music show featuring Liv Long, your cowgirl in residence. She will play some old and new country hits and read some stories from the Old West. Liv is a sophomore math major. To request a song email oclong@mail.roanoke.edu


Alternative Hour – 1-2pm

The Alternative Hour is a reboot of WRKE’s longest lasting show staring seniors Christa Waterwiese, and former WRKE Program Director Elijah Wilhelm. The Alternative Hour features talk about current events, politics, and each week the hosts will look back at some part of their time at Roanoke

Anything Goes – 3-4pm

“Anything Goes” is a weekly talk show hosted by three freshman: Becca Kirby who is majoring in criminal justice and sociology, Kristen Privette who is majoring in environmental studies, and Laurel Moore who is currently undecided. The show will include talk about anything and everything while playing a wide variety of music ranging from pop and country to classic rock and many throwbacks.

Dodd’s Chalk Talk – 4-5pm

“Dodd’s Chalk Talk” is a show from 4-5 Tuesdays. John is a freshman chemistry major and James is a freshman history major. James and John talk about the great and funny stories people have to tell and play music that fit everyone’s lifestyle.

Back to the Future – 5-6pm

“Back to the Future” is a music show hosted by Amanda Jo Gwaltney. Like the classic film which gives the show its namesake, “Back to the Future” takes the listener back in time by traveling through the classics of the 20th century. Each show ends with one song from the 21st century, because as Doc once wisely said, “We have to go back!” Tune in weekly and spend some quality time with Amanda Jo, your quirky host.

Red, White, and Maroon – 6-7pm

Join multiple representatives of Roanoke College Student Government Association on air to hear interviews, analysis, and the latest from ‘Noke’s SGA.

The B-Side – 7:30-8:30pm

The B-side is an alternative, indie, neo-folk music/talk station. Liz McKenzie, sophomore, and Cara Basham, junior, are both Communications majors. If you want to reach out, contact us by emailing cbasham@mail.roanoke.edu. We’ll catch ya here on the B-side.


The Meltdown – Wednesday 12-1pm

Got a global taste? “the meltdown” is dedicated to sharing music beyond the U.S. Top 40.

Unapologetically Radiance – Friday 5-6pm

Hey, my name is Radiance Mack and I am the host of the one and only , Unapologetically Radiance on Wednesday’s from 2:00 – 3:00. Unapologetically Radiance is a raw and uncut talk show on endless topics! If you’d like to guest star or have a topic, text (305) 849 – 0200! Let’s Talk!

KLTN Live – 4-5pm

Free flowing EDM news and music every Wednesday from 4-5 EST. Listen to all the best the best producers with tracks by KLTN and special guests.

Late Night Cafecito – 5-6pm

Late Night Cafecito is a Spanish and English spoken talk-show hosted by Alondra, Rosa, and Alejandra. They discuss events and topics concerning the Latinx community across Latin America, the Caribbean, and USA.

Good Vibes – 6-7pm

Hosted by Freshman Lexi Samuels (and a few of her friends), “Good Vibes Only” showcases music from the rock, punk and alternative of the past and present with small chit chat about artists and anything else Lexi feels like talking about. Lexi is a freshman majoring in Communications.

Ducky Muffin – 7-8pm

Why not.

The Sisterhood of the Tinfoil Hats – 8-9pm

“Sisterhood of the Tinfoil Hats” is a music and talk show hosted by Casey Wilson, a political science major, Brett Schulz, a biology and chemistry major, Jordan Hanson, a literary studies and creative writing major, and Shannon Baker, a history major. All sophomores, these four rotate around hosting this ernest satire show about conspiracy theories, cryptids, and the general mysteries of the universe. A wide variety of music is interspersed with comedic chatter, and this show is bound to entertain. To request music or join the show, email Casey at cmwilson@mail.roanoke.edu.


Nerding Out – 12-1pm

Nerding out is a pop culture show, where the hosts Mattie and Sarah discuss nerd culture and popular things in the media currently.

What it Means on your Screens – 3-4pm

“What it Means on Your Screens”is a weekly show hosted by Madison Rhone. The hour is spent discussing any visual media from movies to tv to video gaming and everything in between. Madison is a Sophomore majoring in biology and is an avid fan of all things on the screen.

Talkin’ About Topics – 5-6pm

Gabby Arnold is a senior who is a Communications Major. Gabby hopes to go into Radio broadcasting after graduating. Cassidy Sullivan who is a business major. Talkin’ about Topics is a talk show that examines different topics each week. It’s two friends just having a nice chat.

The Scoop – 6-7pm

The Scoop is a weekly show hosted by 2 best friends that want to keep the world updated on pop culture and other things they find interesting.  The show will feature music, tea times, story times, and campus  events.

Electric Ave – 7-8pm

“Electric Ave” is an hour of music consisting of various genres spanning across trap, edm, and alt, with some surprises thrown in.  Hosted by Shannon, a junior with a double major of biology and creative writing from NY, the hour will be full of new songs and discoveries as well as a new take on some popular, yet older songs.
To request a song, email slbarker@mail.roanoke.edu

The Last Resort – 9-10pm

Do you like dogs, alt music, and shenanigans? Or do you just have nothing better to do? This is your last resort! Listen to Bec and Liv for a lively conversation and funky music once a week on WRKE.


Just Shuckin’ Around – 9:30-10:30am


Hip Hop Hour – 12-1pm

Jordan is a junior from Fairfax, Va. She is majoring in Sports Management and concentrating in Human Resources. This is her 3rd year with the radio station. Her show is an all music show mostly filled with Hiphop and Rap music. You can contact her at jlkehoe@mail.roanoke.edu.

Hour of Dates – 3-4pm

“An Hour of Dates”is a weekly show where one lucky bachelor or bachelorette will get to know five other contestants in hopes of finding the perfect match for a date. We will then send the new pair off on a date and follow up the following week. The hosts, Destinee and Kaelyn are both sophomores. Destinee is majoring in English, and Kaelyn is majoring in Communication Studies.

Friday Night Live – 4-5pm

A talk show with Eji Abah

Dead Air – 7-8pm

“Dead Air” is a Friday night talk show held 7-8pm. Dedicated to everything from solving mysteries and disappearances to dissecting unsolved murders and conspiracies. Discover the unexplained and tread the line between confusion and insanity with these mind-bending stories from this world. Join Ryan Tilgner and Madeline Miles for crazy stories and updates, and enjoy some rock/ pop music with us. Ryan is a Junior majoring in Math, and Madeline is a Senior majoring in Communications.

Midnight Coffee – 11-12pm

a weekly indie/alternative music show hosted by Mary Rose Stark, a sophomore Political Science and International relations major from Las Vegas, Nevada.


Banana Pancakes – 9-10am

An insight into how a college student goes about their life while trying to navigate adults who are stuck in 1998.

A to Z Music – 10-11am

A music show hosted by Freshman Olivia Howard Coto (creative writing major) and Imani Tobias (Biology major) that revolves around all kinds of music for everyone to enjoy.

Pop Culture Power Hour – 1-2pm

Pop Culture Power Hour, formally known as Pop Music Power Hour, is a show that centers around pop culture events, trends and popular music. Host, Shamira James, is a senior from Baltimore, MD. She’s a communications major, creative writing minor, RA and creative director of the school newspaper, the Brackety-Ack This show airs every Saturday from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

No Boys Allowed – 5-6pm

Serving you 90’s and early 2000’s vibes.

Horizons – 7-8pm

The bounds of the consciousness are infinite. Join me, as I take you into new Horizons. This is a show playing a variety of songs, as a tool to enrich a short story, like a Twilight Zone lite, but not as good.