Saturday Shows


Funk of the Future with Vanessa Dotson– 6-7pm

A weekly radio show bringing you chill beats from the radio of the future. Tune in for a mixture of 80s influences and new age electronica for a smooth ride to the next century.

Hot & Heavy with Donovan Hill and Tiffany-Reece Pires– 7-8pm

“Hot & Heavy” is a weekly talk show hosted by Juniors Tiffany-Reece Pires and Donovan Hill. The pair talk about hot topics relating to wellness. They discuss sex, substance, mental health, and LGBTQ+ related issues. Donovan is a Political Science major and Tiffany-Reece is a Criminal Justice major. Both are Wellness Peer Educators and their show is brought to you by RC Student Health and Counseling!

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