Sunday Shows


A to Z Music with Olivia Howard Coto, Savannah Brown, and Ronnisha Adenka– 12-1pm

A To Z Music is a music and talk show, every week we have a new theme that varies in decade and genre. Tune in to find out the theme of the week!

Soul Food with Amber Ross– 1-2pm

Soul Food is a show for those of you who need a little more inspiration and or motivation to get your week started. We play all different genres of music that radiate positivity and growth. Whether you are just getting up, getting prepared to do your homework for the next week, cleaning your room, or meditating Soul Food is the perfect way to kick start your week off right!

The Power Hour with Brandon Harrell and Caleb Jordan– 2-3pm

The Power Hour is centered around sports and pop culture. It has two highly opinionated hosts in Brandon Harrell and Caleb Jordan who both are very passionate about what they talk about.

Sunday Funday with Kaillee Philleo, Zach Dalton, and Athey Crump– 3-4pm

Join Kaillee, Athey, and Zach in a round table discussion on whatever topic pops into their heads. With all their different backgrounds Sunday Funday becomes a real melting pot of topics which leads to some fun studio hijinks. Listen along as they decide which song to play between the four of them. For song requests or topic request contact:

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