Thursday Shows


Puentes Culturales with Professor Alvarez- 10-11am

A weekly talk show hosted by Dr. Alba Arias Álvarez and Dr. José Bañuelos Montes, both professors at the Modern Languages Department. Dr. Arias does research on Hispanic Linguistics, focusing on the Spanish in the U.S. and Dr. Bañuelos Montes on Afro-Colombian poetry. The two will bring you the latests news on politics, culture, and society from the Hispanic/Latinx world.

Nerding Out with Sarah Davis and Madalyn Chapman– 12-1pm

Nerding Out is a weekly show discussing pop and nerd culture ranging from movies to tv shows to books and everything in between. Sarah Davis is a senior from Bassett, Virginia double majoring in Literary Studies and Creative Writing. Madalyn Chapman is a senior from Kennebunkport, Maine majoring in Communication Studies with a major in foreign politics.

A Dash of Everything with Ryan Manley– 3-4pm

The show, like the name, will include a little of everything. Sports, politics, the world in general. The music will be rock/alt-rock/indie. The host Ryan is from New York and majoring in communications.

Talkin’ About Topics with Cassidy Sullivan and Gabby Arnold– 5-6pm

Gabby Arnold is a senior who is a Communications Major. Gabby hopes to go into Radio broadcasting after graduating. Cassidy Sullivan who is a business major. Talkin’ about Topics is a talk show that examines different topics each week. It’s two friends just having a nice chat.

The Thursday Troubadour with Amanda Jo Gwaltney– 7-8pm

Join DJ AJ every Thursday night for an hour of themed music and puns. The theme is always changing, so be sure to tune in every week!

Politics and Pop Culture with Ethan Perritt– 8-9pm

A weekly talk show that dives into those uncomfortable political topics for one half and strange pop culture for the other. Ethan is a freshman majoring in English Literature.

Time out! with Dante Walker and Nick Davis– 9-10pm

An in-depth, high energy sports talk show, but all about the culture and for the culture. Not your average sports radio show, with the wit of Nick and the energy of Dante, you know it’s gonna be fire. You can’t miss this show!

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